About Us

For years, TIPL group has been one of the market leaders in manufacturing premium quality of incense products and is continuously expanding this position. The groups commitment towards producing outstanding products thrives on creativity and perfection of the art that makes us one of the leading producers of incense sticks made from finest Essential Oils, Herbal Extracts, Floral Hydrosols and other natural materials.

Our products are an exclusive combination of traditional values and novel horizons. The outcome is a unique accord of superlative aromas, that lifts your spirits and arouses better sanity.

Presently the incense sticks are manufactured by Damodhar & Company and marketed by its sister concern, Tejjas Incense Private Limited and exported to the USA , South America, Europe , Africa and the far east . TIPL's products have mystic aroma and is specially formulated to worship god, to make fragrant living quarters and to create a serene ambience for everyday activities.

TIPL's intensifying success has been achieved by combining endeavours, expertise, creativity and hard work, with best quality raw materials, freshness and vitality packaging. This has been achieved by having a very stringent selection principle of building the organization from the best talent in the aromatic industry.We apply the highest standards of creativity, quality and innovation to our products. We spare no effort to maintain the high quality and purity of our essential oils and other products.